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9/1/21  2:09 pm
Commenter: Girard J Gurgick

PACE and Geothrmal in VA

Why Geothermal HVAC needs R-PACE

(and we do too!)


Geothermal eliminates fossil fuel combustion for heating and hot water as illustrated in the typical graph on the right. Omitted Graph shows a 75% reduction in tons of carbon. It relly needs PACE because clients resist the added capital for geothermal drilling.  Adding $18,000 to a 5 Ton HVAC system replacemet is not on the consumer wishlist. Yet it is the system with the best outcome for reducing GHG tonnage, i.e. eliminating the use of fossil fuels for heating and hot water.


In addition, geothermal systrems:

1. Reduce overall consumption with SEER equivalent ratings of 43.5 (Waterfurnace and 45.5 (Climate Master) versus code at 14 SEER which is becoming almost dysfunctional at today’s higher outside (globally warming) temperatures.

2. Shaves summer peaks for power producers 

3. Adds to wintertime load at the power plant

4 Is absolutely quiet outside


R-PACE can allow power companies to lead the way on this conversion.  The utilities need no capital for PACE “incentives”. They can simply provide a path for PACE financings.

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