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9/25/20  11:37 pm
Commenter: Mary Nowakowski

Masks unnecessary and unhealthy

Mandatory mask wearing is unnecessary. Not only is it unnecessary, but it can, and has been shown to cause other respiratory issues. Never before has the medical field had the patient "wear a mask for the safety of others", even with tuberculosis patients. It has been the practice for the medical professionals to wear masks if a patient has a known case, and in the case of TB patients, if signs and symptoms are present but test results have not come back. But for the last 6 months, the entire world has gone bats over this. Because of all of this, we now are having unusual numbers of cases of TB and other severe respiratory issues. 

In addition to the medical concerns, there is the use of masks to cover faces and remove the individuality of those masked. Thus, making it harder to identify with others, while removing culpability from those inciting riots and perpetuating crimes. 

Any time the government is willing to remove our rights for "safety" they are trying to incite fear and see how far we as Americans are willing to give up to stay "safe". I would rather die for my freedom, than live in slavery to any man. 

Signed by an American Medical Veteran

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