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9/25/20  7:06 pm
Commenter: Anonymous

NO, NO, NO to ANY MASK MANDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We Virginians do NOT want any mask mandate. Not temporary. Not semi-permanent. Not permanent. Masks do not protect anyone from a virus, not even the N95 masks. All they do is give people a false sense of security. Mask wearers are also ending up getting sick from respiratory diseases and skin problems. They are dividing all of us. Probably just what you legislators want.

You are treating us Virginians as little, ignorant children who can't figure out how to take care of our health. You, the government, have no business telling us what to do as far as our health is concerned. Leave us alone to make our own decisions. We are quite capable.

Shame on you for trying to get this into law behind our backs. Shame on you.

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