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9/25/20  11:31 am
Commenter: Valerie Gibson

Strongly Oppose Permanent Mandates

These mandates should, at most, be a temporary measure only, and I strongly oppose making them permanent so prematurely. The mask portion, especially, is unhealthy long-term and should be optional for those who are at higher risk. Additionally, novel viruses that make an appearance once every 100 years should not be used as an opportunity for imposing additional (overreaching) government control and taking away the basic rights of citizens. I would also expect our government to be vigilant in ensuring overall and long-term public safety by exploring the health effects of these mandates through the collection of additional, long-term data from multiple credible studies on the true effectiveness and long-term effects of these measures (particularly continual of masks and over-sanitization with poisonous, harmful chemicals) before making a permanent decision for its citizens.

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