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9/23/20  6:40 pm
Commenter: Tiffany Brooks


This is getting way out of hand! These masks or anything that people use to cover their face is a joke!! We live in the United States of America we the people have the right to choose. The government is over stepping. 

The shut down was totally ridiculous! People have lost their businesses their livelihoods.  The way they put food on the table, but big businesses and corporations were able to stay open...come on that makes  no sense at all. And then trying to make people wear a mask while walking in to a restaurant, but they take it off to eat in the same restaurant, how does that prevent anything? How does wearing a piece of cloth that is not N95 mask helping at all? And then making our children wear a mask at school and not allowed to play with their friends. Inmates are allowed to do more then our own children. If someone wants to wear a mask that is their choice just as if someone choices not to wear one it's their right not to as well. If they have a mask on what is the problem they are protected right??!!! ?? We the people have the right to chose what we do with our body. The government needs to stand down. 

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