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6/22/20  10:29 pm
Commenter: Anthony Shaia, MD

clear direction

I applaud the DOLI & SHCB's efforts to improve safety in the workplace and decrease the transmission of respiratory disease. I work in an orthopaedic practice with over 1500 employees across the state. When the Covid-19 epidemic began, we relied on advice from regional infectious disease physicians, the CDC and the VDH.  These three groups were not always in sync. We were also subject to the guidelines fro our Governor. More recently, we have had to comply with OSHA guidelines and reporting. This additional oversight has not changed any or our practices; but , has forced us to reformat all of our policies.  We became aware of your proposed regulations today (June 22).  At some point, it just becomes too much to keep track of.  We are now following guidelines from the CDC, regional hospitals, OSHA, VDH, the Governor, DOLI and the SHCB. Needless to say, these documents are not consistent.  In the face of all of these we are looking at Phase III next week? 

In March, we spent countless hours outlining policies and procedures to protect our patients and staff. We sought out every avenue to get the much needed PPE.  Now that we have accomplished all of that with little or no help, we are asked to comply with conflicting regulations that will be outdated by the time they are printed. 

I ask you to please defer to the CDC and OSHA and spare us another set of rules to follow.


Thank you,

Anthony Shaia, M.D.

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