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6/22/20  8:18 pm
Commenter: Steven Widener

Killing our state!!!

Nothing he has done has helped our state. The backbone of the economy has been shut down while big business thrives just so he can line his pockets. I never understood the reasoning behind the closing of small business, beauty/barber shops, dental offices and churches while allowing Wal-Mart, Target, Home Depot, Lowe's, liquor stores and abortion clinics to remain open and thrive. We were handcuffed while just across the street they were open, customers shopping, dinners eating, kids playing. The media had everyone so scared and worked up when all that was needed was common sense. 

I have questions, 

If masks works why social distance?

If social distance works why masks?

I see people everyday driving in their car by themselves with mask on. Makes no since. People are so scared they might catch something that the majority has probably already had and didn't know it.

In closing,









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