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6/22/20  7:28 pm
Commenter: Wes Smith

Masks create fear, uncertainty, & division

Masks have some effect. But not enough to stop a virus from spreading throughout the population. If hospitals were overwhelmed, masks might make sense. But hospitals continue to be underused, and the extra staff and resources they’re using for mask enforcement would be better used elsewhere. Add this to the fact that a simple mask is creating monstrous division among citizens shows that the damage might actually be more than if none were worn at all. If the virus had a 3%+ death rate as advertised earlier, then mask usage might make sense. But the data clearly indicates death rates less than .0026. About 50% of the population seems to be asymptomatic and now evidence suggest those people do not easily transmit the disease. Any leader with integrity and courage would put an end to required mask enforcement. Please do what’s right and not what fear and political correctness is asking you to do. Please!

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