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Action Practice of dry needling
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7/24/19  6:27 pm
Commenter: Runkel Yuan

NO DRY NEEDLING!!! Would you let a hand surgeon perform cardiac surgery??

Physical therapists are using the argument that acupuncture is about "qi" and "energy.  Well if they did some research instead of ASSUMING that acupuncturists do NOT only work with "energy".  I DO perform motor point acupuncture on muscle bellies and have gotten great results for my patient, I DO perform orthopedic acupuncture as well as stretch my patients after wards.  My training in orthopedic acupuncture is substantial and I can needle my patients safely.  I have over 3000 hours of training with over 900 hours of actual patient care handling needles, this far out does what a physical therapist gets in a weekend course.  And being an "expert" in anatomy DOES NOT make them experts in needling!!  Physical therapists DO NOT answer to a third party testing even when they do take a weekend course, they have no certification process to prove that they are trained to handle needles.  And I am sorry, a weekend course DOES not make you an expert in handling a needle with public safety in mind.  As stated in my title above, would you want a hand surgeon performing your cardiac surgery??  All professions have a limit in their practice act which is what keeps the public safe from mishaps.  When we cross the line and bite off more than we can chew, this is where the public has to suffer for it.  

I am not opposed to ANY professional performing acupuncture, as long as they have the didactic training, even MEDICAL DOCTORS require 300 hours of training and obtains a certificate.  WHY does a PT get to needle with less than 50 hours of training?

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