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3/20/19  6:20 pm
Commenter: Evan Lee

Don't let loud voices for cruelty drown out broad scientific consensus and compassion.

Not all 'research' nor opinions should carry equivalent weight. There is a massive disparity in what the lobbyists and questionable institutions provide as justification for 'conversion therapy' and what the current best understanding based on our best efforts as a species to understand reality point towards, and I'm glad to see that on this issue Virginia is deciding to side with the latter. There is no compelling argument towards better quality of life for individuals nor benefit to society from 'conversion therapy', and ample evidence of deleterious effects on the individual, community, and broader society scales for the damage that they do. There's nothing to be gained by attempting to change our citizens' orientations, and even if there were it would have to be incredibly compelling to justify the known abusive processes employed in that effort. Ban conversion therapy. Make such bans have teeth that make those who'd abuse others in pursuit of their toxic ideology know it's not worth it. Not in our community, not in our world. Thank you for your time.

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