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3/19/19  8:53 pm
Commenter: David Christle, Student at the University of Virigina

Conversion Therapy is Abuse and a Manifestation of Hate

Conversion therapy is abuse. It is fueled by the false assumption that sexual orientation or gender identity is something that can be changed, and attempts to make that change through the emotional and mental manipulation and degredation. It tells the vulnerable queer person that there is something inherently wrong with who they are and that the only way they can "fix" themselves is through an outright rejection of their natural feelings and desire, which is achieved only by teaching LGBTQ+ people to hate themselves. Not only does conversion therapy continue to support the narrative that sexual orinetation or gender identity is a choice, it also has damaging psychological effects on its individual patients that lead to depression, anxiety, self-harm, and suicide. Any organiziation or institution that supports conversion therapy, even implicitly, has blood on its hands. Conversion therapy is nothing more than a systematic and purposeful mainfestation of hate, and it is an absolute disgrace to the Commonwealth that it continues to be allowed. In order to ensure safety of the most vulnerable members of our communities and promote the recognition of the incredibly diversity and contributions LGBTQ+ people bring to our Commonwealth, it needs to be condemned.The mental health of the most vulnerable of our society is at stake. Our concious is at stake. Young and innocent lives are at stake. Any individual on this board who does not vote to condemn will have to live with the consequences of knowing that they have ruined, and perhaps ended, an untold amount of beautiful, sacred lives. 

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