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3/19/19  4:30 pm
Commenter: Matthew Hatcher

Why prohibit what the patient wants?

Many patients desire to leave behind the homosexual lifestyle for various reasons.  There have been many studies that suggest success in becoming ex-gay (Stanton L. Jones and Mark A. Yarhouse, Ex-gays?  (Downers Grove, InterVarsity Press, 2007), and case studies involving identical twins having different sexual preferences that place doubt on a "gay" gene.  Without hard science behind this pro-LBGTQ bias, these regulations simply become social engineering in a particular agenda-driven direction.  Give patients the FREEDOM of choice, the parents the FREEDOM of choice for their children, and allow diversity to thrive...true tolerance involves individuals who believe homosexuality is wrong living with individuals that enthusiastically support that lifestyle.  Let free speech and open dialogue, paired with the practical consequences inherent with both ideologies to bear their own fruit.  

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