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3/19/19  11:39 am
Commenter: Lana Schexnader, M.E.V.

Oppose guidelines preventing CHOICE in services WANTED by patients

Licensed counselors should not be punished for or prevented from helping their patients overcome unwanted sexual feelings or for exploring the root causes of their gender dysphoria and affirming biological realities of the DNA occurring in every cell in our bodies.

The powers that be claim to respect choice as the foremost freedom in our society and claim they do not want government control of health decisions; yet, where are these people to protect the freedom of those who do not want same sex attraction or do not want to transition to a gender that is opposed to biology and nature?

LGBT people have the highest rate of suicidal thoughts and attempts of any segment of our society.  They have complete societal approval of their lifestyle choices and still they are very unhappy.  Could it be that what they really need is a counsellor who helps them to explore the underlying reasons as to why they think this way rather than one who unquestioningly prescribes dangerouse hormones?

Read the testimony of those who have transitioned and then gone back to their biological gender and they will tell you that the lie did not make them any happier or healthier. Read the testimony of those who have discovered that homosexuality did not make them any happier or healthier and it was only after they turned to a heterosexual orientation that they felt happy for the first time.

Please do not rob patients of the option of therapy that will truly help them to break free of a self-destructive lifestyle.

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