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3/19/19  9:55 am
Commenter: Jeff

Give Counseling Clients a Choice

Excerpted from a counseling organization's statement:

[This organization] promotes self-determination, individual liberty, and the right to respond to one’s own moral conscience; these are the hallmarks and fundamentals of our modern democratic societies. [This organization] has advocated self-determination as a primary value in all of our policies.  We are focused on the right of persons to deal with unwanted sexual behavior and attractions as well as the right of therapists to offer psychological care to those who wish to deal with these concerns by managing, diminishing or eliminating them rather than just identifying with and acting upon them.  We acknowledge and respect the right of individuals to claim a gay identity.  People have various personal, interpersonal, health, religious, and other reasons for wanting to pursue change in their unwanted same-sex attractions and behaviors. They have every right to have their values respected.

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