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9/5/18  3:52 pm
Commenter: Stephen P. Kopczynski, York County Department of Fire and Life Safety

Statewide Fire Prevention Code

As Chairman of the Virginia Fire Service Council and as the Fire Chief/Fire Official of a locality that enforces the Statewide Fire Prevention Code, a code in which my office is soley responsible for enforcing, I am convinced that additional work is necessary and that the hasty adoption of the entire code will only negatively affect the safety of the citizens of the Commonwealth. While the work that has already been done is appreciated, more is necessary. Fire officials from acoss the Commonwealth have spoken out about this issue have remained “in their lane” of responsibility and addressed issues with the Fire Prevention Code and and have not attempted to influence the Building Code—again only addressing issues for the code in which they are responsible. I respectfully request that the VABHCD give full consideration to the input from the fire service of the Commonwealth of Virginia and support the position of the Virginia Fire Chiefs Association (which, by the way, is a consensus position by the major fire service organizations) and cast their vote consistent with the Virginia Fire Chiefs Association position. Thank you.

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