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9/4/18  3:02 pm
Commenter: Richard C Witt/Chesterfield County Department of Building Inspection

SFPC Adoption

Mr. Chairman and Board Members,

I would like to thank you for your patience, hard work, and open process during the Virginia code development process. As a former Board member I went through two plus code development cycles and understand the challenges you faced. I urge you to deny any petitions and move forward with the Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention previously approved. While you are being inundated with second bite at the apple comments, please keep in mind that the document that you have previously approved will now comport with state law and was fully vetted and discussed in an open and transparent process. That is the most important fact and while it doesn't set well with some folks, it enable the public and those being regulated better understand the requirements in order to maintain structures and not have to interpret whether a requirement is valid.


Richard C. Witt

Director of Building Inspections

Chesterfield County

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