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8/4/14  10:35 am
Commenter: Cynthia Chappelka

Keeping our democracy, a democracy

Once a person proves their identity via a picture ID, it is a legitimate identification.  Because a person no longer drives (driver's license), no longer is traveling (passport) changes nothing on the validity of the identification.  This is obvious age discrimination (both older and younger people) who want to to practice their legal right to vote. It is illegal to discriminate because of age (both elderly and the young) and because of disability.  Not all counties have a DMV and not all counties have full time Registrars, so it can be difficult to time when to go to a Registrar's office or how difficult it is to get to a DMV office.  In addition, many people work the hours Registrars' offices are open, ditto, DMV.  Waiting can be long at a DMV office and this can be difficult for the handicapped and the very elderly to get "picture" IDs that may or may not stay current.

Voting is a sacred right. Voting fraud is a Republican based myth.  It is interesting that it is State Senator Mark  Obenshain, Republican, who is trying to make it difficult to vote, Statistics show that older people tend to vote Republican, especially white older people, the majority in this state, so his quest, in addition to being against what our coutry stands for, appears to be foolish.



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