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Regulations Establishing Standards for Accrediting Public Schools in Virginia [8 VAC 20 ‑ 131]
Action Comprehensive review of the Standards of Accreditation
Comment Period Ends 9/11/2013
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8/30/13  10:55 am
Commenter: Brenda Blackburn

Amendments to the SOA (8 VAC 20-131)

8VAC20-131, Student Acheivement Expecations:  allowing students in grades 3 =-8 to take expedited retakes of an SOL test has been needed for some time. This change should be a high priority in the budget.

Requirements for remediation are sound however, the requirements necessitates funding.


8VAC20-131-50  Diploma Requirements:  Requirements for training in emergency first aid, CPR and AEDs should be incoroporated in courses that are already rquired for graduation as opposed to being tacked on as a graduation requirement.  Also, training in these areas requires funding to support the requirement.

8VAC20-131-80; 8VAC20-131-90; 8VAC 20-131-100, Instructional programs in elementary, middle and secondary schools:  As previously expressed rememdiation makes sense but will funding be available.  Budget cuts over the last 5 years have already decimated summer programs. 

8VAC 20-131-100 Standard and Verified Units of Credit:  Elimination of the 140 clock hour requirement is supported.  it provides greater flexibility in the use of both school-based and virtual courses.     Seat time required for mastery is antiquated and this revision is greatly needed.

8VAC20-131-20 School and community Communications:  Additional communication regarding sensitive or explicit materials is redundant.  Current local policy and practice already provide methods for people to address concerns about materials used in schools and classrooms.