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8/18/23  8:18 am
Commenter: Anonymous

Purse Seine Fishing Practices

I am writing to you as a concerned citizen of Virginia Beach to express my deep apprehension regarding the purse seine fishing in Chesapeake Bay. As an essential ecosystem, the bay plays a pivotal role in maintaining both environmental balance and local fisheries' livelihoods.

Unregulated seine fishing has had repercussions on the fragile Chesapeake Bay ecosystem. The use of large nets to encircle and capture entire schools of fish, Menhaden to be explicit, poses an imminent threat to the bay's marine biodiversity. This indiscriminate fishing method not only endangers targeted species but also results in substantial bycatch, often including endangered and non-target species. Such ecological disruption could lead to irreparable damage to the bay's delicate balance, affecting not only aquatic life but also the surrounding environment.

The implications for the industry are equally alarming. The economic consequences of a diminished fishery industry would ripple through our community, leading to job losses and decreased revenue for local businesses.

I implore you, as a native and active fisherman of our State, to give utmost consideration to the potential long-term repercussions of permitting purse seine fishing in Chesapeake Bay. I respectfully urge you to take a stand against this destructive fishing method and vote against its implementation. Our responsibility to preserve the bay's environmental integrity and support our local fishermen demands that we prioritize sustainable fishing practices that will ensure the bay's health for generations to come.

Thank you for your attention to this urgent matter. I believe that with your wisdom and leadership, we can safeguard the natural beauty and economic vitality of Chesapeake Bay. 

Thank You

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