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8/18/23  12:12 am
Commenter: Matt Roach

Yes to gear restrictions!

I am strongly in favor of increased regulations around purse seine nets to protect valuable, vulnerable marine habitats and species.  Specially I am aligned to the below position:

  1. These purse seine nets are not being used as they are intended.
  2. Water depths less the 60’ do not allow for non-targeted marine life to escape.
  3. The use of these nets in water depths less than 60’ can cause damage to essential fish habitat.
  4. Depth restrictions will help avoid nets spills, net tears, and waste of the resource – which is beneficial for all stakeholders.

The bay is a very shallow body of water, and permitting these nets to be used in depths shallower than 60’ is ruining an entire ecosystem, and harming key sport fish species.  We should ask that those making a living off of these resources also be great stewards of the ecosystems they utilize.


Matt Roach

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