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8/16/23  4:48 pm
Commenter: Daniela Pretzer - The BridgeLine

Knowledge and Skill set of CIS CM

Pages 7 and 8:This was mentioned before but not clarified or addressed:


a.      Generally: Is all this knowledge required at the time when we hire them? It is more than unlikely that anyone will apply with all the knowledge and skills required in their document. It would be helpful if there are guidelines / timeframes by when to acquire the knowledge, credentials, some skills.

b.      Applicant location: If a person to be interviewed for the position as a case manager has to have the knowledge of ‘local community resources’, etc., one could only hire experienced case manager who have worked locally for years. The wording should be less stringent and allow to hire applicants from out of the area.

Skills :

a. ‘Gathering information from other sources, such as family members, medical providers, social workers, and educators (if necessary) to conduct a complete needs assessment of the eligible individual. ‘ Mental Health Care provider should be added as a source.

b. ‘Observing, recording, and reporting and documenting an individual's behaviors.’ Physical, cognitive, and emotional challenge should be added to this sentence.


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