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Regulations Governing the Practice of Physical Therapy [18 VAC 112 ‑ 20]
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5/9/23  5:38 pm
Commenter: Daniel Arkin, Ph.D.

Pelvic Floor Therapy is Non-Invasive

I am in support of the Virginia Board of Physical Therapy officially listing pelvic floor therapy as a non-invasive procedure… as it has always been, according to the Commonwealth's Assistant AG’s own testimony, and as was pointed out by the Judge in the Henrico County Court system.

While I have not received pelvic floor therapy, I have received (from Scott Roberts) numerous modalities of treatment for chronic pain.  I believe pelvic floor treatment is a viable and valid procedure that should be part of a physical therapist's toolkit. Certification requirements (as appropriate) should be delineated, including procedures to be followed in regards to full consent and understanding of the patient prior to treatment.

In the disciplinary matter regarding Scott Roberts, the Board of Physical Therapy should be called to task for their actions taken against this practitioner who continually receives training on new and alternative approaches to care within his field, while always practicing within existing laws, rules, and guidelines.

When any Board conducts a public disciplinary review, an agenda should be in place, shared, and followed; meeting procedures should be followed; all present should be permitted to participate accordingly; Board members should be engaged in the review process rather than sleeping, texting, or reading; and the highest level of leadership and professionalism should be demonstrated at all times.

Reactions in regards to the way Scott Roberts was treated by the Board can only be remedied by replacement of the entire current Board, and the appropriate training of new board members in regards to their: oversight role of Virginia's Physical Therapists; the current legal framework within which the field is operating; administrative procedures to be adhered to; meeting expectations; and disciplinary options and guidelines available to board members performing their roles.  

Upon the immediate reinstatement of Mr. Robert's credentials and right to practice, taxpaying citizens of the Commonwealth can only hope that he will not sue the Board and/or the State of Virginia for slander and loss of income during the past 18 months.

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