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Regulations for the Immunization of School Children [12 VAC 5 ‑ 110]
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11/15/22  9:24 pm
Commenter: Wally Bunyea

Families must decide what's safe for their children

The science doesn't support adding a COVID shot to the required schedule for children. 

The COVID shot is not a traditional vaccine.  Vaccines prevent diseases.   

Most of our children have already had COVID.  Natural immunity is much more effective than the shot and constant boosters.  Studies of the a similar SARS virus show that natural immunity can last 17 years.  

Healthy children under 18 have virtually no risk of death from COVID, a 99.995% recovery rate and the vast majority have minimal symptoms.  Additionally, several medicines have proven safer than the shot and are very effective at treating COVID in children. 

The COVID shot has not been adequately tested, particularly in children.  Our children are not test subjects.  

There is already abundant evidence in official U.S. vaccine safety tracking databases that injuries from the COVID shots in children are catastrophic, including 64 U.S. deaths, 433 near-deaths and 308 permanently disabled.  In addition, there are many unstudied and therefore unknown concerns about the shot such as fertility, cancer, myocarditis, and auto-immune diseases.

The risks of the COVID shot outweigh the benefits to children. 

The proposed policy is ill advised and dangerous.

An increasing number of countries (Denmark, Sweden, UK) and U.S. states (FL) have recommended against the shot in children, especially in younger children and babies.

So don't force this shot on children.  Families must decide for themselves.

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