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10/10/11  11:09 am
Commenter: Micheline Eyraud

Voter Fraud

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and other Virginians fought so that all Americans would have to have the unfettered right to vote.  And now the Commonwealth of Virginia want to give state employees the right to manipulate the vote the way they want to make sure that our voices are not heard.  This is nothing but a blatant attempt to commit legalized Voter Fraud.  The idea that someone could toss aside someone's vote because they don't like their handwriting or some other lame excuse is despicable. What exactly are you worried about anyway?  I have to provide ID before I can cast a ballot so what exactly is the reason for this proposed measure? You just want to turn this state into a dictatorship. The Founding Fathers would be appalled that this country has sunk that low.


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