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10/9/11  10:11 pm
Commenter: Edwin Bonilla

Signature Shouldn't Matter so Much

Dear State Board of Electors:

Ruining democracy is a shame. A signature shouldn't count so much when voting absentee. Haven't you seen signatures by many famous people, including George Bush; their signatures are very unique but it is their signature. Disqualifying signatures because of their style is oppression and would be a stain upon this democracy. In the 17th century, Virginia created a legislature for the purpose of democracy. Although there people who want oppression when it comes to voting, if absentee ballots are disqualified because of a sloppy signature, Virginia would not live to its tradition of democracy.

I have been guilty of sloppy signatures but it's still my signature; you can still see the E, the d, and other letters. If the Virginia Board of Elections is concerned about voter fraud, giving signatures too much scrutiny wouldn't stop voter fraud but would instead ruin democracy. In addition, when voting in a regular fashion, no signature is necessary. I live in Virginia and I don't want oppression when it comes to voting. Everyone who has registered to vote should have the right to vote.

I think the reason why the State Board of Electors wants that oppressive rule is to decrease people who vote Democratic. If the reason is correct, it is shameful. As millions of people in this know, voting is a right, regardless of ideology or affilation to political party.

Don't institute the tyrannical signature rule.


Edwin Bonilla

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