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Absentee Voting [1 VAC 20 ‑ 70]
Action Material omissions from absentee ballots.
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10/8/11  10:37 am
Commenter: Thomas B Huff

Some fight for rights, some fight to take them away

The notion that you would take away the right to vote from someone over something as incredibly trivial as forgetting to put their zip code on their absentee ballot is proof that the Virginia State Board of Elections is a subversive, anti-American group that is bent on the destruction of the United States Constitution.  This is a flagrant abuse of power thatis clearly meant to disrupt the free and fair elections of  a government that should be of the people, by the people and for the people. 

Your back-door, greedy attempt to exclude whole classes of voters based on their abilities to write and by their anticipated party choices is morally reprehensible and devoid of any of the principles put into law by the founding fathers-of this nation, many of whom were from Virginia.

Over the centuries, countless men and women in uniform gave their lives, their health and their forutunes to defend the core principles of democracy that makes our nation great. They fought for our rights to be self-governed. You seen determined to fight to take those rights away, and you are a stain on their memory.

This regulaatory action should be placed into the dust-bin of history and those who proposed it should serve as models of repression for all to see and abhor.


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