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10/7/11  6:59 pm
Commenter: Tom Reel, private citizen

Counting Votes

For a foundation of successful government "of, by and for the people," we need an educated population that is able to vote without undue restriction.   When political actors take aim at education or at voting rights, we must question whether their pursuit is for a successful government or simply a quest for power over those people whom they are supposed to represent.

Rules and laws must be followed for elections to be honest and fair, but to pretend that there is rampant voting fraud as a cover for the goal of denying thousands of people their legal right to participate in our democracy is dishonest and shameful.  We can have reasonable checks against voter fraud without these transparant and blatant attempts to deny legitimate votes.

I'm sure the politicians trying to enact these over-zealous restrictions are only too happy to accept their pay, drawn from the taxes provided by the very people whose votes they would discard.   This behavior is disgusting and must have our nation's founders spinning in their graves.

Limiting votes is not the kind of change we need to improve the general welfare.  Change for the better, it seems to me, would include replacing those elected officials who seem to have forgotten the meaning of public service and now behave exclusively for the benefit of a political party or their wealthy campaign contributors.


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