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Minimum Standards for Licensed Private Child-Placing Agencies [22 VAC 40 ‑ 131]
Action Adopt new standards for licensed private child-placing agencies.
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Comment Period Ended on 4/1/2011
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4/1/11  8:33 pm
Commenter: Diane Buster

The State must stay separated from the church. Faith-based adoptions are no exception.

Separation of Church and State was not intendend to keep Christians from being involved in government, rather the other way around. It is reprehensible that any State or other government agency should attempt to dictate what portions of our Faith we are allowed to practice. Our beliefs do not infringe on anothers' freedom, rather, the State is attempting to do this very thing.

If there are ANY criteria for which adoptive candidates must be scrutinized, certainly the highest consideration should be given to those that exhibit a dedication to goodness. Not so coincidentally, Biblical/Judeo-Christian values are the pattern by which we judge what is good.

Should gays/lesbians be allowed to be adoptive parents? Only if all peoples should be allowed to, despite a person's being devoid of a sense of right and wrong; so no, of course not! How is choosing a reprobate adoptive parent, for a helpless and impressionable child, NOT an infringement on the rights of the child?? We have the right to LIFE, LIBERTY and THE PURSUITE of HAPPINESS...until our pursuit infringes on the right of another. Choosing a morally defunct adoptive parent is a violation of the rights of the adoptee. Further, future class-action lawsuits could not be considered out of the question when adopted children are subject to scrutiny of whether or not the best interest of the child was represented...and the State of Virginia would not be immune.

Double NO to States attempting to dictate that faith-based organizations must follow the State's lead in matters of the Church.

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