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Minimum Standards for Licensed Private Child-Placing Agencies [22 VAC 40 ‑ 131]
Action Adopt new standards for licensed private child-placing agencies.
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Comment Period Ended on 4/1/2011
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4/1/11  8:14 pm
Commenter: Joshua Johanson

Worried about sexual orientation portion

I think same-sex parents should be allowed to adopt. I do.  I think they can be great parents.  However, I think it would be better for kids to have both a mom and a dad.  Adoption agencies can look at a variety of criteria.  Why can't they look to see if the kid will have both a male and a female role model.

I understand there is a difference between gender and sexual orientation.  I myself am a gay man who is married to a woman.  My concern is that other people don't.  They think two women are a same-sex couple because of their sexual orientation, even though it may be that one of the woman had previously been in an opposite-sex relationship.

Who you have sex with is a choice, and it shouldn't be given special protection, and I think adoption agencies should be able to take that into consideration.  The decision should be up to the adoption agency.  If the adoption agency believes that the kid really doesn't need a male and female role model, then by all means give them a license, but don't punish adoption agencies that believe that fathers and mothers have distinct roles and that a kid would benefit if he had both a mom and dad in his or her life.

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