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7/17/22  2:08 pm
Commenter: Anonymous

Community Stabilization

The proposed new community stabiization requirements would have a negative effect on clients who are already receiving other mental health services. This is a step backwards. Availability of support during heightened mental health or a crisis event for the client is a very warranted program. Support the client, link to needed services, and resume other programs. To say a client who is receiving MHSS services is no longer eligible for CS, speaks in contrast to the mental health crisis the nation is facing. The proposed changes are not considering the lack of programs available by many CSBs. I have MCOs tell me all the time to link a client to a PSR program. The CSB in our community shut their PSR program down over a year ago. Simply, make processes easier for the client to continue to have CS as an additional support program, if needed. Let us all remember, there is no time limit for mental health. It seems this is forgotten by MCOs and regulators who put time stamps on services.  Mental health can be a  lifetime challenge, in which many of our clients will require clinicial support throughout their lives.  


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