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Guidance Document Change: The guidance document "Model Policies Concerning Instructional Materials with Sexually Explicit Content" was developed in conjunction with stakeholders in order to comply with SB656 (2022).
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7/13/22  6:47 am
Commenter: Carl Russell

Err on the side of decency, propriety and righteaousness

It has come to my attention that the State of VA is looking for comments regarding the appropriateness of explicit content to our students.

May I suggest that our morals as a state and country have taken a nose-dive since the 60's and we would be better served to return to where we went off-course.

Please return our public sensibilities in material and subject matter offered, to what we had in the 50's and early 60's.  It served us well.  Pregnancy rates and divorce rates were far less then.  The issues we had in schools were far lighter in nature.  We still looked to God for our blessing and accountability.

Not to structure a formal 'Denomination or Theocracy' in our government of course, but to return to our founding principles that we are a people created and blessed by God Himself.  That our very dependence of His blessings rest upon our acknowledgement of Him.  We are to be a nation whose freedoms come from God, and so our love, adherence and duty are to Him alone.  

Choosing a path of sexual perversions, loose morals, and overall 'anti-godly' behavior has left us a hurting and morally corrupt people.  Please... turn back to God's standards.

I seem to recall a quote from one of our Founding Fathers; "Our Constitution was made for a moral and religious people.  It is wholly inadequate to govern any other." - John Adams

I believe we are witnessing the truth behind these wise and prophetic words.


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