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3/17/22  11:12 am
Commenter: Kevin Rooney


Hello! So I just wanted to throw my input on about this whole mask situation. I find it quite interesting when we talk about following the science, the masks never provided protection at least not the face diapers that we were told we needed to wear. Dr. Fauci himself actually made the statement in the very beginning and then flip-flopped like most politicians do when they get pressure from whatever source was behind this.  

       Having spent eight years working in a hospital and three years on the infectious disease committee at Fauquier hospital I know a little bit of such protocols! Last year at the school board meeting I walked up and was the first one to make public comments, wearing my gas mask from the military. I did this to prove a point and brought up N 95 and N 100 mask and stated their specs. Having mild COPD I can tell you firsthand how harmful this mask , to quote our president, malarkey is hurtful.
      Having said that I do not know why we are required this 30 day comment period. Did we get to have a comment. When our previous governor implemented this mask mandate I don’t think so. So why do you all get to have it two different ways. And if you’re gonna say it’s a law then things need to change obviously.
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