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3/10/22  4:55 pm
Commenter: J Riddle

End Mask Mandate in Dental Offices/Physician Offices

The time has come to end mask mandates for patients in dental and physician offices as well as for our employees who are not involved in the care of patients.  As a Practice Administrator I assure you we will always follow appropriate PPE guidelines for providing patient care but requiring my clerical team members to sit masked for 8 hours a day is no longer needed.  Patients are highly dissatisfied and this causes disruption in our offices.  It adds to the stress of care giving each day.  The hours I am spending as an administrator having to discuss which guidelines we follow and why we are different than other places like the grocery store, school or church.  Please let us get back to welcoming our wonderful patients with warm smiles and greetings.  They come to our office already anxious and nothing is more helpful than a smile.  Please let our team members have the ability to interact unmasked.  I have new employees who I have never seen their full face.  This impacts my ability to cultivate long term employees.  We want to create a business culture that is supportive of our team members and take time to get to know each other.  It is time to allow us to be responsible and be unmasked.

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