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3/9/22  8:59 am
Commenter: Karole Lynn Passmore

Follow the science

My concern is that if the levels of cases are far above what they were when we all went virtual on our jobs and eventually were told to wear masks, how has that changed now?

In a workplace with an open floor concept the front office workers are most at risk while being exposed to multiple contacts with the public.  While those who have offices can be more protected.  In restaurants the serving staff are most vulnerable to multiple exposures.

The first to remove their masks will most probably be those who DON'T believe in vaccinating either.  So how to protect everyone else?

This should be about public health and safety- not about a political side or conspiracy theory propaganda.  In a public health crisis we need to continue to follow the science.  And we need to protect the vulnerable in our communities.  We hopefully are not at a point in the quest for  individual freedom to say that some lives are not as important as others?   The elderly and those who are immunocompromised should not have to sacrifice their lives for the sake of individual freedoms.  There are times when we need to rise above that for the sake of all people.

Masking has worked for enclosed spaces.  Social distancing has worked.  It is not time to stop all masking in every situation.  

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