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3/3/22  10:07 pm
Commenter: Resident

Why do we have to wait until 3/21??

Why do we have to wait until 3/21 to drop all mandates in the workplace? So that means our CEX of Fairfax County and all the directors of each department will have to talk and take their time ripping down all the plexiglass and over abundance cleaning, social distancing, daily employee health check ins, proof of vaccinations, meeting room limits, those lucky employees that can telework while we have been in the public for two years. Also having in the back of our minds to keep mask signage for just in case??? No more just incase!! It’s done over with!! Smile with your mouth not your eyes.  Why can’t the meeting be held sooner? Why wait 30 days? Why? These directors, managers are going to take their sweet time with this , while is employees suffer until when April? This should have never been in place ever. 

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