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3/3/22  3:58 pm
Commenter: Seeing Clearly Now

The damage is done!

The mandates and policies have broken the back and often the bank of many a business, small & large. The fear spread by lack of knowledge has made China rich selling masks and medicine. The goverment handouts further hurt business and have destroyed work ethic. Inflation rages not only because of poor leadership from Washington but also because of the many shutdowns, restrictions and masking requirements. As an above average wage earner and therefore tax payer of 62 years age I can say the last 2 years has been the biggest news & polictical fraud as well as waste of Virginia and US tax dollars, aside from random war efforts in my lifetime. No one is forced to have a flu vacination and in our country mask use has been rare before this. COVID deaths are unbelievable as a person can have multiple issues at the time of death and COVID was probably the least severe of the concerns. The information from 90% of media is untrustworthy and unreliable, the same from the CDC and because of that Virginians have the same thought of the messages of our former Virginia Government leaders. Masks stop spit not the unseen micro organisms in the air. It makes no sence to allow people to eat unmasked but not work together. When You eat your mouth has to be open and you intentionaly put things in and out. Why has it been safe to eat without a mask but not walk in the park, ride a bus or go to work. People that want to wear masks can continue as others do around the world long before COVID. 

End the Mask Mandate and stop wasting tax payer time and money. It is time to go to work America and Virginia. No more excuses, no more tax waste and handouts. Virginia is late to recend due to being attached to D.C. and the out of control National Government. Vote them all out of office!    

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