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2/27/22  10:54 pm
Commenter: Anonymous

Stop the masking and government overeach

Hello, I am appalled by the Virginia Health department telling everyone how to live during the past two years. We do not luce in a single medical care state. The Virginia Health department is not elected officials and do not make laws. This is blatant overreach of power. I also feel that this department was poor in its approach to voicing positive Healthcare actions for families. Why did we hear things such as go outside with your kids and play for 2-3 hours, eat vegetables, fruits and multivitamins. This is how you handle these types of situations. Not by telling everyone how to live in fear of a virus that has a 99.98 survival rate. I hope your department is held responsible and accountable for your actions including suicides and mental health for the lower generation. No Masks! 


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