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2/27/22  11:22 am
Commenter: Ryan , High school teacher in CCPS

End mask mandates NOW!

My name is Ryan and I am a high school teacher in CCPS.  Today, I would like to share my comments of my public support for ending all mask mandates in our school system.   We, as teachers, need to lead by example and show our students we are no longer in fear of this virus.  Many children are only wearing masks because all of their teachers are wearing them; the fear has to stop.   The last two years have been crippling for the mental, verbal and emotional development of our students.   With the recent CDC recommendations of most adults no longer needing to wear masks and the recent study out from John Hopkins on mask wearing, shutdowns and their overall effect on the health of our children and adults, you will understand how important it is to end all mask mandates right now.  

We need to build relationships with our students again and when teachers wear a mask, we send signals of anonymity and disconnect.   Communication with our students is usually misconstrued, confusing and often repeated behind a masked and muffled mouth and face.  Some teachers find it very difficult to make genuine human connections with their students; it is easier just to put assignments online and tell them to watch videos and answer the questions online.   

End the mask mandates for all people in the Commonwealth NOW!  Let us be free again to make decisions on our own health, for every Virginian.  Thank you for the opportunity to share my thought on this important matter.  May God bless the Commonwealth of Virginia and God bless the United States of America!


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