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2/20/22  8:56 am
Commenter: Meg

Teacher Gotta Teach

Teacher’s job is to role model. If they are not free to show what freedom of choice looks like, how are our children going to learn. My children are young and need to see facial expressions for reassurance and emotional communication. Why give parents choices if the teachers are forced to model “regulation” and “lack of freedom”?  My students are afraid to take off their masks because they have been conditioned for years it’s not okay to take them off, even though we went to Richmond and stood on the steps with the Governor when he signed SB739.  They need teachers smiling at them free to model the same freedom of choice. 

masks can stay for those rhat want them. Vaccines can be available for those that need them. But the ability to dress for success with a smile on their face should also be available for ALL AMERICANS at this point. Available, not demanded. Live free or die trying! 

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