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2/19/22  4:37 pm
Commenter: Mandy

Stop the communication barriers!!

Masks may have had a positive effect at the beginning of the pandemic, but now that vaccines are out and those who wanted them received them, I see no more purpose of masking.  The virus is here to stay, and it is weakened now.  As a teacher, it inhibits my ability to communicate as needed with my students. I teach language, and because of the masks, my students can’t see the way my lips move as I pronunciate, and each word is muffled by the mask. I’m not able to fully express myself, and I find my students zoning out more due to not being able to read my lips. They can tune me out, because there is a lack of communication.  It also does not make scientific sense to allow parents the choice to mask their kids or not, but force educators to. Please end these mask mandates, and let people choose whether they would like to wear one or not. Forcing us to wear them not only separates us more as a nation, but also makes us feel more isolated and hidden.  We cannot live the rest of our lives wearing masks and living in fear. 

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