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2/19/22  3:07 pm
Commenter: Kai Li Brunda

It’s time…

It’s time, people.  This masking our educators has been going on long enough.  How many new updates do the CDC have to give, all over the place with their suggestions for masks and vaccines until  we all wake up as a nation and come to realize this entire process has wrecked our children?  The juice has definitely not been worth the squeeze as far as masks are concerned.  They don’t work. Even knowing this, deep down (you do), you’ll still support masking teachers.  Why?  Because our childrens lives are at risk?  black box.  Because their lives are at risk?  Let them make that choice to wear or not to wear.  They’re grown ups; they can handle it.  

You messed up.  Ok, shrug it off and admit it.  Let’s drop this sham and get back to what’s important….normalcy for our kids and their learning environment. 

Kai Li Brunda 

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