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2/18/22  11:15 am
Commenter: Fed Up Educator

No More masks for staff.

There should not be any more masks required for teachers or staff members in public school buildings. This is beyond ridiculous, and we have the worst of it with the Prince William health department. Their tyrannical behavior in the last two years has caused irreparable damage to students, especially to those in younger grades. Seeing another’s face, facial expressions, smiling, and enunciation of words is extremely important in the development of the whole child. This ridiculous mandate, which has been proven to not stop the virus spread, should have been done away with a long long long time ago. You guys under the direction of Wreck-It Ralph have irreparably harmed and damaged millions of Virginia school children. And that’s on you. So when graduation rates are down, literacy rates are down, and inappropriate behaviors are up , are you going to step in and try to solve it? No. You won’t. Teachers will have to do that. Principals will have to do that. Bus drivers will have to do that. And support staff will have to do that. Just like always. They always rise to the occasion.
It’s time for this ridiculous mask mandate to go. And you need to do it  sooner rather than later.

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