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2/18/22  9:56 am
Commenter: Krystal Johnston

It's time for the masks to go!

It is time to make Virginia safe to work in again.  For the past two years Virginian's have been mandated to wear mask while at work.  The masks have one, been proven not to work and two, in some cases been harmful.  We shouldn't just do things to do things, there got to be common sense behind them.  I for one have had to wear masks at work and have been recently diagnosed with asthma.  I have never had breathing troubles, not even allergies and now I have asthma, the ONLY thing that has changed is that I've had to work under ridiculous mandates wearing harmful masks.  Who's going to be responsible for the damages that are happening?  Make a it a choice for people to care for their own bodies the way they see fit. 

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