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2/17/22  3:06 pm
Commenter: Jennifer Goyet

Please rescind ALL mandates

I am asking the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry to fully and completely rescind their employee mask mandates in conjunction with EO2 and EO6. If we as parents are able to make the personal and private decision for and with our school-aged children, we as Virginia employees should be awarded the same freedom of choice. Students need to see their teachers faces for proper instruction. This does not stop a teacher from wearing a mask if they so choose but that is what it should be - their

- All across our great country, everyone is quickly realizing masks do not equal the science everyone has been following.
- All across our great country, people are no longer wanting or believing in any sort of mandate. 
- All across our great country, governors and mayors are lifting their mask mandates for all settings effective immediately. The governors and mayors are not saying “possibly one day in the future“ nor are they saying “some random date in three weeks”.  
- This week during the sporting events on Virginia college campuses and across the country at even like the Super Bowl, only the smallest of minorities was wearing a mask. No one was drinking or eating 100% of the game but they were definitely going maskless 100% of the game. The photos are proving this. What they are doing in those games carries over - they are not wearing mask any other time.
- And finally, all across our state, K12 students have been going to school without their masks and the data demonstrates the cases are all but disappearing.

The numbers are dropping drastically. Cases, severity level, hospitalizations, deaths - all going down. The mask wearing did not contribute to this fact since we all wore masks for two years and they did not stop the numbers from skyrocketing.  Natural immunity has started to reach a peak, contributing to mild cases or no cases at all.

Please rescind the mask mandate for all employees in Virginia.

Jennifer Goyet
Virginia Beach resident
Virginia employee

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