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Regulations for the Immunization of School Children [12 VAC 5 ‑ 110]
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10/17/21  11:40 pm
Commenter: m roberts

No vax mandates

No need for covid-19 vax mandates. 

1. The virus is not the issue. It’s the individual susceptibility to virus that is the issue. If the virus was truly the problem  then all ages would be dying and the Covid survivability rate would not be 98.7% substantial asymptotic transmission. Wuhan, China did a study on 10m persons who were PCR positive with Covid -19 with no symptoms ... and found that no one else got sick from these 10m persons

3.the avg. age of people dying from Covid exceeds life expectancy in US. For the large majority of cases, Covid-19 deaths occur at the end of life.

4.early treatment with Ivermectin is not dangerous. Look at the nations of India and El Salvador — they issued Ivermectin and deaths plummeted. 

5.lockdowns dont work. Masks do not work on respiratory viruses. All states and counties that implemented lockdowns/ masks mandates, have not experienced less deaths, less hospitalizations.the former commissioner of the FDA, Scott Gotlieb, has stated that “ 6 ft. Social distancing guidance was arbitrary and nobody knows where it came from.”

6.COVID-19 was initially the Wuhan variant, but it has now evolved to the delta variant. The shots/ inoculations (they are not true vaccines) are modestly effective at reducing symptoms of Wuhan varient, but they are totally ineffective against Delta (see The shots do NOT prevent transmission of Delta. The most “vaccinated” countries in the world ( Israel and Seychelles) have very high rates of covid-19 Delta raging in their countries. Per a CDC study in Barnstable, Mass (74% Covid-19 vax rate, MMRW Aug. 6th, 2021), Delta raging amongst vaccinated. Also, the New England Journal of Medicene reported that UC San Diego Medical Center healthcare workers had a vax rate of 87%, but 57% of Covid-19 cases were amongst the vaccinated population.

The vaccinated are superspreaders of Covid-19 Delta variant (see study by  Chau from University of Oxford affiliate in Vietnam and Lee Arthur Liu from Japan). The viral load is very high in vaccinated people (251x vs.non vaccinated people in 2020). 

Clearly, Natural immunity is the o as best immunity, and that is what many decades  of immunology and microbiology show us. 

Good news. Although Delta is highly contagious, it is highly recoverable. We should not be living in fear. 

Best news: early treatment with Ivermectin will continue to work. 

— sourced from a recent speech by Dr. Simone Gold

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