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Remove 21 hour Personal Care Requirement for EDCD Waiver ...
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12VAC30-120-910. General coverage and requirements for Elderly or Disabled with Consumer Direction Waiver services.

A. EDCD Waiver services populations. Home and community-based waiver services shall be available through a § 1915(c) of the Social Security Act waiver for the following Medicaid-eligible individuals who have been determined to be eligible for waiver services and to require the level of care provided in a nursing facility:

1. Individuals who are elderly as defined by § 1614 of the Social Security Act; or

2. Individuals who are disabled as defined by § 1614 of the Social Security Act.

B. Covered services.

1. Covered services shall include: adult day health care, personal care (both consumer- and agency-directed), respite services (both consumer-directed, agency-directed, and facility-based), and PERS.

2. These services shall be medically appropriate and medically necessary to maintain the individual in the community and prevent institutionalization.

3. A recipient of EDCD Waiver services may receive personal care (agency- and consumer-directed), respite care (agency- and consumer-directed), adult day health care, and PERS services in conjunction with hospice services, regardless of whether the hospice provider receives reimbursement from Medicare or Medicaid for the services covered under the hospice benefit. Services under this waiver will not be available to hospice recipients unless the hospice can document the provision of at least 21 hours per week of homemaker/home health aide services and that the recipient needs personal care-type services that exceed this amount.

4. Under this § 1915(c) waiver, DMAS waives §§ 1902(a)(10)(B) and (C) of the Social Security Act related to comparability of services.