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9VAC25-610 DMME Name Change
Stage: Final
9VAC25-610-50 Exclusions

The following do not require a groundwater withdrawal permit:

1. Withdrawals of less than 300,000 gallons per month;

2. Withdrawals associated with temporary construction dewatering that do not exceed 24 months in duration;

3. Withdrawals associated with a state-approved groundwater remediation that do not exceed 60 months in duration;

4. Withdrawals for use by a groundwater source heat pump where the discharge is reinjected into the aquifer from which it was withdrawn;

5. Withdrawals from ponds recharged by groundwater without mechanical assistance;

6. Withdrawals for the purpose of conducting geophysical investigations, including pump tests;

7. Withdrawals coincident with exploration for and extraction of coal or activities associated with coal mining regulated by the Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy;

8. Withdrawals coincident with the exploration for or production of oil, gas or other minerals other than coal, unless such withdrawal adversely impacts aquifer quantity or quality or other groundwater users within a groundwater management area;

9. Withdrawals in any area not declared to be a groundwater management area;

10. Withdrawal of groundwater authorized pursuant to a special exception issued by the board; and

11. Withdrawal of groundwater discharged from free flowing springs where the natural flow of the spring has not been increased by any method.

9VAC25-610-380 Statewide information requirements

The board may require any person withdrawing groundwater for any purpose anywhere in the Commonwealth, whether or not declared to be a groundwater management area, to furnish to the board such information that may be necessary to carry out the provisions of the Ground Water Management Act of 1992. Groundwater withdrawals that occur in conjunction with activities related to the exploration and production of oil, gas, coal, or other minerals regulated by the Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy are exempt from any information reporting requirements.