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Amendment to restriction on advertising dental specialties
Stage: Proposed
12/20/18  9:57 AM

18VAC60-21-80. Advertising.

A. Practice limitation. A general dentist who limits his practice to a dental specialty or describes his practice by types of treatment shall state in conjunction with his name that he is a general dentist providing certain services (e.g., orthodontic services).

B. Fee disclosures. Any statement specifying a fee for a dental service that does not include the cost of all related procedures, services, and products that, to a substantial likelihood, will be necessary for the completion of the advertised services as it would be understood by an ordinarily prudent person shall be deemed to be deceptive or misleading. Where reasonable disclosure of all relevant variables and considerations is made, a statement of a range of fees for specifically described dental services shall not be deemed to be deceptive or misleading.

C. Discounts and free offers. Discount and free offers for a dental service are permissible for advertising only when the nondiscounted or full fee, if any, and the final discounted fee are also disclosed in the advertisement. In addition, the time period for obtaining the discount or free offer must be stated in the advertisement. The dentist shall maintain documented evidence to substantiate the discounted fee or free offer.

D. Retention of advertising. A prerecorded or archived copy of all advertisements shall be retained for a two-year period following the final appearance of the advertisement. The advertising dentist is responsible for making prerecorded or archived copies of the advertisement available to the board within five days following a request by the board.

E. Routine dental services. Advertising of fees pursuant to this section is limited to procedures that are set forth in the American Dental Association's "Dental Procedures Codes," published in Current Dental Terminology in effect at the time the advertisement is issued.

F. Advertisements. Advertisements, including but not limited to signage, containing descriptions of the type of dentistry practiced or a specific geographic locator are permissible so long as the requirements of §§ 54.1-2718 and 54.1-2720 of the Code are met.

G. False, deceptive, or misleading advertisement. The following practices shall constitute false, deceptive, or misleading advertising within the meaning of subdivision 7 of § 54.1-2706 of the Code:

1. Publishing an advertisement that contains a material misrepresentation or omission of facts that causes an ordinarily prudent person to misunderstand or be deceived, or that fails to contain reasonable warnings or disclaimers necessary to make a representation not deceptive;

2. Publishing an advertisement that fails to include the information and disclaimers required by this section;

3. Publishing an advertisement that contains a false an unsubstantiated claim of professional superiority, contains a claim to be a specialist, or uses any terms to designate a dental specialty unless he is entitled to such specialty designation under the guidelines or requirements for specialties approved by the American Dental Association (Requirements for Recognition of Dental Specialties and National Certifying Boards for Dental Specialists, November 2013), or such guidelines or requirements as subsequently amended; or

4. Representation by a dentist who does not currently hold specialty certification that his practice is limited to providing services in such specialty area without clearly disclosing that he is a general dentist Publishing an advertisement that is not in compliance with § 54.1-2718 of the Code of Virginia.