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Amendment to name tag requirement
Stage: Final

18VAC90-19-50. Identification; accuracy of records.

A. Any person regulated by this chapter who provides direct client care shall, while on duty, wear identification that is clearly visible and indicates the person's first and last name and the appropriate title for the license, registration, or student status under which he is practicing in that setting. Name identification on a badge for identification of health care practitioners shall follow the policy of the health care setting in which the nurse is employed. Any person practicing in hospital emergency departments, psychiatric and mental health units and programs, or in health care facilities units offering treatment for clients in custody of state or local law-enforcement agencies may use identification badges with first name and first letter only of last name and appropriate title.

B. A licensee who has changed his name shall submit as legal proof to the board a copy of the marriage certificate, a certificate of naturalization, or court order evidencing the change. A duplicate license shall be issued by the board upon receipt of such evidence and the required fee.

C. Each licensee shall maintain an address of record with the board. Any change in the address of record or in the public address, if different from the address of record, shall be submitted by a licensee electronically or in writing to the board within 30 days of such change. All notices required by law and by this chapter to be mailed by the board to any licensee shall be validly given when mailed to the latest address of record on file with the board.