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8VAC20-160-30. Format options.

Localities have options for the secondary school transcript format. They may use the Department of Education model or develop their own following board regulations. Localities may also use a digital data exchange format for electronic transcript transmission. The accreditation status of a high school shall not be included on the student transcript provided to colleges, universities, or employers.

The required information is as follows:

1. Name of school division;

2. Student legal name;

3. State Testing Identifier (STI);

4. Birthdate;

5. Gender;

6. Home address;

7. Home telephone number;

8. Graduation date;

9. Type of diploma, to include "Advanced Studies," "Standard," or "Other Diplomas Authorized by the Board of Education";

10. Type of industry certification credential and date of completion, if applicable;

11. Certificate of Program Completion and award date, if applicable;

12. Notation of Early College Scholar Designation;

13. Notation of Commonwealth Scholar Designation;

14. Name, address, email address, and telephone number of schools student attended each year;

15. Number of days absent within given school year;

16. Course work listed by year with grades;

17. Total credits earned by year;

18. A list of verified credits earned, including any credits earned by substitution;

19. Credits to date;

20. Grade point average;

21. Credit summary for entire school experience;

22. Key to symbols and abbreviations used to denote accelerated courses, advanced-level courses, Commonwealth College Course Collaborative course courses, honors courses, and summer school courses, or credits earned by substitution;

23. Notification of whether school/program ranks students; if so, the rank in class with given number of semesters used for computation;

24. Final driver education grade;

25. Test record, to include at least the highest score earned, if applicable, on college performance-related standardized tests such as SAT and ACT, excluding Standards of Learning (SOL) test scores, except that each local school board shall adopt a policy setting forth the procedure by which parents, guardians, or others having legal control or charge can elect in writing to have their child's test record excluded from the student transcript (opt out);

26. Signature and title of school official;

27. Date of school official signature;

28. School name;

29. School address;

30. Telephone number of school;

31. Fax number of school;

32. The school's Department of Education 7-digit code number.